July 15, 2024

BECHEM – The Brand for Special Lubricants

Over 900 Heroes are committed to optimum lubrication.

BECHEM is one of the leading manufacturers of
high-quality special lubricants and metal working
BECHEM is development partner of the industry with
high competence for tailor-made solutions, regardless of
whether for the development of for-life lubricants for the
automotive industry, machinery and plant engineering, or
process optimisation in forming or machining operations.
Close cooperation with research institutes, industry
partners and product users as well as the knowledge,
skills and major commitment of our staff are guarantees
for new and innovative high-performance lubricants.
With the extended lifetime of components, machines
and tools they considerably contribute to the success
of our customers. A powerful network of distributors
and several national and international production sites
guarantee permanent technical support and ensure
that our products are readily available worldwide.

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