High Temperature Greases/Synthetic High Temperature Oils

Metal Working

The steel manufacturing process is challanged by tribological obstacles e.g. high process temperatures, corrosive cooling liquids, abrasive dust, devastating shock-loads etc. Additionally the high costs associated to process interruptions must carefully be considered. Protecting, high-quality lubricants that enable robust running during unfavourable operating conditions is part of the core competence that makes CARL BECHEM GMBH special. It has been proven that BECHEM's high-performance lubricants have the power to extend the technical life of heavy equipment with trailing positive environmental benefits. BECHEM's market leading lubricants are designed to passivate entraining process fluids, protect the surfaces against tribo-corrosion, supply a protective film with high seperation power and maintain lubrication also during high operating temperatures-among others.


High Temperature Greases:

Ceritol PSA 12 H

Beruplex CMA 21

Berusynth EP

Berusynth GP