BECHEM High-Lub SW 2

To lubricate plain and roller bearings also in the mixed friction area and to protect sliding mechanisms, especially wire ropes, from corrosion and the corrosive attack of aggressive waters or gases. Suitable for all speeds that tolerate grease lubrication.

Technical Data

PropertiesContains EP-additives, high corrosion protection, high wear protection, very good water resistance.
ApplicationBeneficial to: open gears, winches, screws, hinges, roller and plain bearings, cylinder guides, threaded spindles or worms in underwater equipment, ship’s cranes, off-shore construction elements, lifts, contact rails or distributors, clamping devices for containers or trailers, yachts, constructional parts for shipbuilding as well as for finishing machines such as used in the textile and paper industry, plain and roller bearings such as in water pumps, water-turbines, flood gates, escalators, spiral-toothed clutches and car-wash plants.
Temperature range–25 °C to +80 °C

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