Deep mining

Deep mining
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Safety is a major interest, especially in deep mining. Therefore, BECHEM has developed fire resistant hydraulic fluids for mining application. High performance greases and high performance lubricating oils for heavy duty and high temperature applications fulfil the highest standards of safety and render optimal benefit.

For every gear box BECHEM offers the suitable gear oil and furthermore special lubricants for chain and rope lubrication as well as maintenance auxiliaries for the mining industry. All these special products are convincing by their high quality, their performance and their economic efficiency.

Especially for deep mining
In mining all heavy duty and high temperature lubricants, hydraulic fluids and multipurpose greases have to withstand enormous mechanical and thermal stresses as well as the rough ambient conditions. For these purposes BECHEM offers special solutions for the lubrication of roller and plain bearings, gear lubrication and operation of hydraulic machinery.

These fulfil all requirements regarding quality, extended lifetime, optimal performance and, of course, economic efficiency in combination with environmental compatibility.


Deep mining lubricants:

BECHEM Emulgator EGM
Bakterizid PH
BECHEM Green GD 40
BECHEM Hydrostar HY 46
BECHEM Seilstar 
BECHEM Staroil G
Berugear GS BM
Berulit 75
Berulit IKP
Beruplex CS 2 EP
Beruplex KS 22
Berusynth EP
Berusynth GP
Berutox M 21 KN
Berutox MB 2 H
BECHEM Fimitol P 87 AF
BECHEM High-Lub FA 50 MO
BECHEM High-Lub FA 67
BECHEM High-Lub FA 67/II
BECHEM High Lub L 2
BECHEM High-Lub LFB 2000
BECHEM High-Lub SW 2
Berulub ECO GD 40
Systemreiniger 50