Ceritol PK 1 SOFT

Ceritol PK 1 SOFT is a dynamically very light, silicone free, synthetic multipurpose grease. Thanks to its special formulation, Ceritol PK 1 SOFT is well suitable for long life lubrication of construction elements consisting of material pairings metal/plastic or plastic/plastic.

Technical Data

PropertiesExcellent low temperature behaviour, oxidation stability, contains EP-additives, corrosion protection
ApplicationCeritol PK 1 SOFT considerably reduces the friction coefficient and thus produces a better sliding behaviour of plastics and elastomers on steel or non-ferrous metals. Therefore Ceritol PK 1 SOFT is used in the automotive and supplier industry e.g. in clog springs, locking systems, central locking systems and window regulator systems.
Temperature range-60 °C to +140 °C

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