Berutox M 21 EPK

Berutox M 21 EPK is a speciality lubricant specifically designed for the lubrication of mechanisms exposed to corrosive environments, high temperatures and/or high load or shock load conditions.

Technical Data

PropertiesVery good water resistance, good adhesion, water repellent, very high load carrying capacity, good oxidation stability.
ApplicationLubrication of heavily loaded roller and slide bearings exposed to high temperatures and/or moisture. Due to the excellent bordering capability it is especially applicable at lube points of autoclaves, calenders, gate valves and also in wet areas of the paper industry.
Temperature range-20 °C to +160 °C

The above data correspond to latest technology, modifications reserved. This information is intended as a guide and does not necessarily represent a marketing specification. In individual cases tests have to be carried out by the consumer. Further data upon request.