Berutemp 500 T 2

To lubricate plain and roller bearings and to reduce friction and wear on mechanisms that are exposed to high temperatures, vacuum, radiation, solvents or aggressive chemicals and operate at speeds that tolerate grease lubrication. Berutemp 500 T 2 is registered and approved for the use in the food industry acc. NSF H 1.

Technical Data

PropertiesHighly resistant against thermal and chemical decomposition, generally compatible with most plastics and rubber-elastic materials.
ApplicationTo lubricate plain and roller bearings as well as guide ways such as in automatic wafer baking machines, pusher-type ovens, electric motors, hot gas fans, calenders, circular conveying and corrugated paper plants, varnishing and enamelling ovens, tyre moulds, a.s.o.
Temperature range–20 °C to +260 °C (short +280 °C)

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