Berusynth EP

High performance oils for gears, roller and plain bearings at high mechanical or thermal loads. Especially for mechanisms with high sliding friction such as worm gears. Available in ISO VG 68 to 1000.

Technical Data

Properties Excellent oxidation stability and shear resistance, very good load carrying capacity and wear protection, prolongs oil changing intervals, reduces the coefficient of friction, the oil sump temperature and thus the power loss, high viscosity index.
Application Spur, conical and above all worm gears in rolling mills, paper mills, crushers, calenders, rubber kneaders, winches, cranes, dredgers and conveyors. Heavily loaded bearings such in vertical roller mills, roller presses, crushers. Gear boxes and bearings exposed to continuous operating temperatures above 100 °C.
Temperature range -30 °C to +140 °C and -25 °C to +180 °C