Berusynth ECO GEP

BERUSYNTH ECO GEP can be used used whenever mechanisms exposed to mixed friction require increased wear protection or, whenever mineral oil based lubricants would probably cause ecological problems.

Technical Data

PropertiesGood load carrying properties and wear protection, very good viscosity temperature properties.
ApplicationBERUSYNTH ECO GEP gear oils are mixtures of biodegradable and synthetic based oils containing suitable additives to stabilize and improve the required product properties. Very beneficial to gears subjected to load and mixed friction conditions. Being immiscible with water they are less dangerous to ground or surface waters in case of an oil accident since they can be skimmed off.

The above data correspond to latest technology, modifications reserved. This information is intended as a guide and does not necessarily represent a marketing specification. In individual cases tests have to be carried out by the consumer. Further data upon request.