Berulub FG 8 EP

Suitable for heavily loaded spur gear systems or worm gears – even with little gear space – operating at low temperatures and/or outdoor conditions. Also beneficial to heavily loaded and high-speed plain bearings with little bearing clearance as well as for grease but not oil tight gears with vertical shafts.

Technical Data

PropertiesVery good adhesion, high water resistance, high oxidation and aging resistance, no scoring, less friction results in improved efficiency of worm gears.
ApplicationGears, hinged joints and gear motors such as used in the heavy industry. High-speed gears in electric tools.
Temperature range-40 °C to +120 °C

The above data correspond to latest technology, modifications reserved. This information is intended as a guide and does not necessarily represent a marketing specification. In individual cases tests have to be carried out by the consumer. Further data upon request.