Berucoat FX 270

Air-drying water based anti friction coating for wiper blades and elastomer applications.

Technical Data

PropertiesThanks to the special formulation Berucoat FX 270 offers very good adhesive properties especially on elastomers even without the use of organic solvents. Its wear stability and resistance to cleaners make Berucoat FX 270 an ideal lubricant for extreme applications. The anti friction coating is used to reduce friction, wear and stick-slip.
ApplicationBerucoat FX 270 is especially suitable to improve the performance of wiper blades. Furthermore Berucoat FX 270 is successfully used as assembly aid e.g. for o-rings. The product is preferably applied on the material combinations elastomer/plastic and elastomer/metal.
Temperature range-40 °C to +300 °C

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