Berucoat AK 978

Berucoat AK 978 is a high performance water based synthetic anti friction coating especially for interior components of the automotive and supplier industry.

Technical Data

PropertiesBerucoat AK 978 prevents “stick-slip”, is environmentally friendly and characterized by an excellent plastic compatibility. After drying a transparent, invisible film is formed. To make the dry coating visible the product contains an UV-Indicator. Berucoat AK 978 is formaldehyde free.
ApplicationBerucoat AK 978 is used to minimize rattles and squeaks caused by vibrating stress and vibrations mainly in interior systems such as plastic, leather trims and cloth. Berucoat AK 978 can also be used for door trims and sun roof applications.
Temperature range-40 °C to +80 °C

The above data correspond to latest technology, modifications reserved. This information is intended as a guide and does not necessarily represent a marketing specification. In individual cases tests have to be carried out by the consumer. Further data upon request.