BECHEM Hydrostar HETG 32

BECHEM Hydrostar HETG 32 is a hydraulic fluid based on native esters.


Technical Data

PropertiesISO VG 32, exceeds DIN ISO 15380 according to HETG, very high viscosity index, good compatibility with non-ferrous metals
ApplicationMobile hydraulics in drainage areas and road construction, sluices, tunnelling machines, forestry and timber industry, floater dredgers, off-shore equipment, fresh water recovery, vehicles for ski racing track maintenance, hydraulically adjusted solar heating equipments, horticulture and landscaping, bascule bridges, municipal vehicles, hydraulic engineering, water maintenance boats

The above data correspond to latest technology, modifications reserved. This information is intended as a guide and does not necessarily represent a marketing specification. In individual cases tests have to be carried out by the consumer. Further data upon request.